Have You Experienced Our Latest Release?

Customers working with Version 7 (V7) will enjoy taking advantage of all new supported operating systems and database platforms. V7 also offers CRM Studio 8, featuring graphical alerts, job streams, and a new user interface. 

Additional V7 improved features fall in the areas of point of sale, return processing, stock transfer, and accounting.


Product Details

Updated Platforms

  • Server Operating System:  Windows Server 2008/2012 R2 64 bit
  • Client Operating System:  Windows 7/10 Pro 64 bit
  • Operational Database:  Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2016 R2

PCI Compliance

At Everest, we understand the importance of PCI Compliance. Everest V7 and all versions moving forward can now be configured to be 100% PCI compliant. Note that PCI compliance requires Verifone as payment processor and tokenized credit card transactions.

Extensive Third Party Integrations and Extensions

In years past, third party integrations and extensions were an afterthought. Today, Everest offers dozens, and the list is growing.  Read more on our Services page.

Excellence in Customer Experience

While some customers are flocking to Everest V7 for compliance, integrations and enhanced features, many are ready for a simpler, more powerful product. With v7, expect a solution that is:

  • Easier to Install and Implement
  • Easier to Use
  • Easier to Maintain (Virtually Bug Free, Great Support)
  • Improved Performance

Superior Support

Everest is proud to have achieved an unmatched 94% customer satisfaction rating, as measured by enterprise-wide support tickets. Listening to customers who wanted a higher level of Everest support, Everest V7 comes with additional high touch options for support contact, including dedicated phone lines, live chat and screencasting.