Trial Balance by Date Report

    Takes To and From Dates, Department and General Accounts inputs to provide a date-focused Trial Balance Report.

    GAAP Revenue Report

    Picks up all sales invoices with input bundle numbers and shows only open sales orders and back orders with the said bundle number.

    Deferred Revenue Report

    Summarizes customer deposits into different categories on a monthly basis. Can be filtered by “As of Date” to assist in accounting.

    Monthly Customer Sales Report

    Takes department, year, month, and documents into consideration, showing customers deposit data for the period selected.

    Payroll Paystubs Report

    Helps answer questions employees have in regard to PTO. Don’t be left without the answers. Paystubs report provides employee data PTO modifications.

    Customers with No Activity Report

    Used to determine the customers that have shown no activity with your company from a revenue perspective in the past year.

    On Time Delivery Performance Report

    Used monthly to determine how many orders are delivered that either meet or exceed the scheduled delivery date.

    On Time Shipment Performance Report

    Used monthly to determine how many orders are shipped out that either meet or exceed the scheduled delivery date.

    Scan and Receive Addin

    This addin scans and receives a Purchase Order’s line items to help increase the accuracy of inventory counting, reduce costly errors and improve employee accountability.

    Assembly Item Std. Rate Update Addin

    This addin updates the standard rate of each input item to its average cost in the assembly item. This is a high value addin.

    Model Number Details Export Addin

    This addin reads the model numbers from the source Excel workbook, and exports selected details to a new workbook.

    WO Required Output Field Focus Addin

    This addin moves the cursor to the ‘Required Output’ field when the Work Order form opens, allowing text to be over-written.

    Stock Transfer Requests Utility

    This utility transfers most inventoried items from one stock bin to another based on specified minimum/maximum quantity.

    Journals Posting Utility

    This utility posts the general, sales and receipts journals for multiple companies on a predermined schedule defined by the specific user.

    Undeposited Accounts Transfer Utility

    This utility allows undeposited accounts to be transfered from receipt journals to a newly-created General journal.

    Picked Sales Orders Import Utility

    This popular utility reads the data from the source Excel workbook and performs highly-useful order functions.